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For The Athletes

Our mission is to empower athletes, especially at the collegiate level, to take control of their mental health and well-being. We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health, and we provide a safe and confidential space for athletes to express their concerns and receive the support they need to perform at their best.

Meet the Team

The Power of Mental Health

Empowering Athletes to Thrive

At For The Athletes, we believe that mental health is the key to unlocking your full potential as an athlete. We provide personalized mental health programs that are tailored to your unique needs, so you can perform at your best both on and off the field. Our programs are designed to help you manage stress, improve your focus, and build resilience, so you can thrive in all aspects of your life.

Regan Eaton

“Honestly, I don't know where I would be right now if I never found 4TA. These women have revolutionized mental health. Mia and Carolyn were so friendly and they truly cared about me. I have referred them to many of my teammates and will continue to refer them to all athletes and individuals who truly want to strengthen their health."
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